DIY 2 in 1 Makeup Remover


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Lebron James Birthday Cake


This one was for a friend of mines daughters 10th birthday. Her favourite player is (you guessed it) Lebron James of Cavaliers! I had a lot of fun making this cake.  The jersey is half chocolate and half vanilla cake covered in butter cream icing, the name and number are Wilton Candy Melts, and the basketball is Rice Krispie treats covered in Fondant.  It was a huge hit!

‘Frozen’ Birthday Cupcakes

My (fairly) new thing is cake decorating! I’m having so much fun doing it.  There are a couple problems with this though; 1: our family doesn’t really eat cake. 2: we don’t have enough family events to make cakes for. So what’s a girl to do!  I’ll post pictures as they come so don’t expect too many 😜


This is from my daughters ‘frozen’ themed birthday. The snowflakes were made with Wilton candy melts. Not only are they great for decorating with but are also a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth when you don’t have regular junk food in the house!
This was the first time I tried making edible glitter and it actuality went fairly well. All you need to do is take regular granulated sugar, use gel food coloring (I use Wilton for this too) to make it whatever colour you’re happy with, then bake in the oven at 200°f for only a couple minutes. You want it to be a little glossy but keep an eye on it! It doesn’t take long to melt. Take it out of the oven and let it sit for a couple minutes, and you’re good to go! I should probably let you know that this will dye your mouth and lips. When the kids were done it looked like they ate a smurf for lunch.